Our key focus is on helping the Environment while enhancing a company’s profitability! “CLOSED LOOP RECYCLING”

Verdeco Plastics Inc specializes in the procurement of industrial plastic scrap for recycling and re-purposing that plastic back through the manufacturing supply chain. We use state of the art processing to keep plastic scrap and off grade materials out of landfills, while enhancing a company’s profitability

STATE OF THE ART EQUIPMENT! Extruders, Grinders, Shredders, Guillotines, Balers, Heat Densifiers!


Specialists in selling reprocessed and virgin materials and purchasing scrap and regrind materials!


Our years of experience, excellent customer service and proven performance set us apart from the competition.

Closed Loop/Open Recycling Programs

Post Industrial Plastic Recycling

Manufacturing of Reprocessed Plastic Pellets

Toll Pelletizing

Toll Grinding

Manufacturing of Master Batch Black and White Color Concentrate, Calcium Pellets

Buy and Sell Plastic Scrap

Sell Reprocessed and Virgin Materials

Next Steps…

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